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Mar 27, 2008
My son just completed his MCCT and the results were as follows. He completed the 5 doses of Methacholine and there was insignificant change in his flow/velocity. Good, right? Then, they gave him the albuterol and his flow increased significantly. Bad? The kid is a swimmer and in great shape with no need of meds for 4 years and 10 months. Are we in trouble here? The doc said that perhaps we should repeat the test as he may not have been blowing into the apparatus properly at the beginning. :frown: We don't want to redo the test (office is 2 hours away, lost school time, etc) but if we have to we will. Advice?
I would ask the physician what the percentage of difference was in the FEV1. If its over 20%, and the physician is willing to redo the test, I would do it.
FEV1-please define....would that be the last test after the inhalations? Thanks for the input.
The FEV1 is the Forced Exhalation Value, it is measured on each test. The difference between the initial FEV1 and the last dose of methacholine should not drop more than 20%.

If the difference is greater than 20% it is usually a sign of asthma/reactive airway disease.
His values were in the single digits. It's the increase after the albuterol that the doc was interested in. Will the waiver board be interested in that value as well? I think we will retest just to make sure, but it would be nice to know. thanks!