Medal of Honor


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Dec 30, 2007

I was wondering how close of a relative the medal of honor recipient in your family has to be and how recent it has to be because my great great uncle won the medal of honor so I was wondering would that help me at all for West Point or no?
Only the children of MOH recipients are eligible for this appointment.

Your great great uncle's Medal of Honor will not help you.
Luigi is correct. Think about it this way, this is a way our country is thank you to the child whose parent sacrificed the most for our country. The last MOH's were given posthumously.

Now if your great uncle has guardianship over you than you would qualify.

It probably could make a great essay though for admissions
That is what I thought but I was just making sure. Thanks for the responses.
MOH thoughts

I'm no expert, but...

Officially the admissions policy is for the children of MOH recipients to be offered acceptance, yes we know about that.


If I were someone in the admissions office, a human being with feelings, emotions and a pulse, and some young person applying for admission wrote a sincere letter about his Great Uncle winning the MOH, it would most certainly make me take another look at the applicant. If things were "iffy" in the case, it might be the kind of thing that could tip the scales.

Like Chicken soup for a cold, it might not be the cure, but it sure wouldn't hurt either.