Medical Disenrollment as SMP Cadet


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Jan 9, 2018

I am a contracted SMP Cadet in the army ROTC. I am being medically disenrolled due to anxiety/depression. I was not diagnosed with depression until after I contracted but I was prescribed medication that I have now been on for several months. The school I am attending submitted a medical waiver on my behalf but it was not approved. If I am medically disenrolled from the ROTC program, can the army reserves still retain me? I have never been to BCT or AIT and I have been treated for depression for over 6 months now. No one (including the cadre or the officers at my reserves unit) can seem to give me a straight answer on this. Thank you in advance.
I'm going to GUESS that you will be released from your Reserve commitment as well.
Have you asked your recruiter, or anyone in your unit? Did you pass your MEPS physical? If so, you may be retained in the reserves if your condition meets retention standards. The Army has entry standards and retention standards. Once you are in, we lower the bar a little bit. All that being said if you are having medical issues that Cadet Command wasn’t willing to waive it might be best if are released from your enlisted obligation.
I have asked everyone I can think of and no one really knows. I should have commissioned last year but it took so long to hear back from cadet command about the medical waiver and everything else. If they do retain me will I have to start over with the 8 years that I owe? Or will the 5 years that I have been drilling as an SMP cadet count at all? Thanks again everyone