Medical Dismissals


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Oct 20, 2006
As far as I understand, each academy admits about 1200-1300 or so cadets/midshipmen each year. By a classes senior year, the class size is roughly 1000 cadets/midshipmen. I have heard that among other reasons, some of the kids voluntarily drop out, some go to another school, and some are dismissed for medical reasons.

What are the medical circumstances that would cause a cadet/midshipmen to be dismissed from an academy? Also, is it common to be dismissed as a result of your commissioning medical exam or do they usually work with you to make sure you graduate, even if something negative turns up during the commissioning exam? Thanks.

Most of the medical separations are due to injuries that occur during training, sports, or the midshipmen goofing off and hurting themselves. The issues that could cause this are varied, and most are injuries that will cause lifetime disability, which any sailor, solder, airmen or marine would be medically separated from the service for.

In my 3 years doing commissioning physical examinations at the USNA, I only had one midshipmen who was medically separated, and that was for a cancer that was detected during the exam.