Medical History: Followup Contacts/Glasses


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Jul 20, 2020
Hello -
Can someone offer advice on how to complete this page. ( Medical History: Followup Contacts/Glasses )

I started wearing glass around age 6 when I was in school and the teacher thought I might need glasses.
It ask how many times occurred.. and for each "instance" the date, physician, date, address, diagnosis and current status.

I can locate the last couple of years of eye appointment information, since we last moved, but before then I don't have any documentation.

I'm not sure how to answer this question and provide what they are looking for here.

Thank you for any advice.
I personally put 1 for how many times it occurred and then I put the earliest prescription I could find for glasses (I started wearing them in 6th grade, but the earliest I could find was my 9th grade year). I would suggest just put the earliest date you could find and use that info.
Firecracker070403 is correct :wiggle: