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Sep 19, 2007
About three years ago, I suffered a minor concusion, from when a softball hit my forehead. I went to the doctors, and had a cat scan right after the incident, and they found a 1/28th mm fracture in my orbital bone. I rested up for a few weeks, and had no aftermath symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, double vision etc. I currently am in sports, such as atletic training, boxing, and dancing, and I have no trouble whatsoever. I'm sure the chances of a dq are high, but, if all plays out, is a wavier possible?

If everything is as you state, then there should be no reason for a disqualification. Understand that I only have your word to go on, and as long as there are no other hidden issues, there should be no reason for a disqualification.
Oh! What a relief! My parents just had a concern with the head injury form. But, since I've had no symptoms of anything serious, I'm glad I won't nessicarily get docked!

Thanks so much!