Medical Records


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Jan 18, 2007
I am in the process of obtaining all my sons med records. When DODMERB requests all birth to present med records does this include optometrist records from yearly eye exams?

I would gather all medical records available. If the optometrist’s records are readily available get those as well. If for whatever reason any of the medical records are not easily accessible (physician retired, records destroyed, moved and can't remember the physician’s name) provide a cover sheet with the dates and reason that you can't get the records.

I have received 99% of medical records for my son. The last one I picked uup was from a GI Doctor that he had seen when he was 10 years old for abdominal pain. Looking through her notes she put down that he has severe eczema. No one has ever told my son this , even his dermatologist. Where she got that info is beyond me because I have never said that his eczema is severe. He does get a few patches of dry skin especially late fall and winter when the air is so dry and this is usually controlled by skin care regimen, occasionally steroid cream and an antihistamine. I have seen people with much worse cases that occur year round. Should he write a note on his allergy questionaire rebutting the "severe" part or have his dermatologist write a letter for the waiver board? We are ready to fedex everything to DODMERB and it may take a week or two to get something from his dermatologist.
I would put a personal statement concerning the eczema, and note what the GI physician stated. I have to assume that the records from the dermatologist are included. As long as they are, the derm records will hold much more weight than what the GI physician states, but having you or your son (I would lean more towards your son) write a statement explaining it in his words will help as well.
Thank you for the assistance. He will definitely be the one to write the personal statement.