Medical Remedials for Accutane


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Jan 30, 2008
I recently reported to DoDMERB that I am on accutane. I am LOA'd and have received a nomination, in addition to having been previously medically qualified, so I am now only awaiting my appointment in the mail. I have since received a letter from DoDMERB, as I expected, that I would have to provide copies of all treatment and a Doctor's statement regarding accutane. No where within the letter is anything stated regarding being off Accutane for 8 weeks or anything of the like. However, when I called DoDMERB I was instructed to send all this information and my Doctor's statement 8 weeks after my treatment was over with current labs. I assume the latter is the correct thing to do, as it is in accordance with the information on this forum regarding accutane. However, I do want to be sure if I should send anything right now or not. In addition, I know processing my paperwork will take some time, therefore, accounting for being off accutane for 8 weeks and then the processing, when should I stop my treatment and send in the paperwork so that I avoid any hassles come I-day on July 2? Also, due to the fact I have had zero negative side effects from the medicine, is it wrong to think I should be easily cleared for this?
Thanks in advance for any help. It is greatly appreciated.
You did not state how long of a course of Accutane you were on, or when you would be discontinuing the medication.

If you are close (less than a month) to the end of the total course of medication I would say just wait until 8 weeks after you have completed the medication and then submit all the information that DoDMERB is requesting.

If you are not close to the end of your treatment, but you will have been off the medication for 8 weeks by I-day then I would submit what information you currently have along with a statement about when you will be discontinuing the medication. It will result in a disqualification, but it is easily waived as long as you meet the 8 week date and the acne has cleared up.

Do not, do not, DO NOT stop the medication on your own without speaking to your physician!!! If your course will go past I-day, then I would sit and speak with your physician to see what other course of treatment you could take.

Of course if your acne is still in the moderate to severe category you may have problems with that as well.

I'll repeat this, DO NOT stop the medication on your own!!!
Today I spoke with my doctor and was informed that my treatment would conclude approximately April 1st. Therefore, after 8 weeks of being off accutane , I would not be able to submit my information to Dodmerb until June 1. With I-Day July 2nd, am I cutting it too close?
In addition, once I send my current information up to this point along with my doctor's statement, is it possible to get a waiver?
Submit all the information that you have up to this point. Get copies of all medical records concerning your acne. Also try to get a letter from your physician outlining all the treatments that you have received, as well as when your physician is going to have you discontinue the medication and his/her medical opinion on the outcome of the treatment. Make sure to include the results of all your lab tests.

Also include a letter from yourself stating in your words what has gone on with your acne and how you are currently.

DoDMERB will disqualify you, but this is an item that can be waived as long as the treatment is successful and your labs have all been normal.

Do this as soon as possible. I would also contact your admissions officer now to give him/her a heads up. Once you get the disqualification letter from DoDMERB get back in touch with your admissions officer so they can make sure your name is passed to the waiver authorities for their review.

Since you will be completing the medication well before I-day, and if the treatment has helped, there should not be an issue in getting a waiver.