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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by riroka, Oct 3, 2011.

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    Hi all - my sons AROTC status shows everything received except his medical. Isn't that done after you have been awarded a scholarship?

    He has his DODMERB physical done, but I thought ROTC went into the system later, unlike the academies which have you do it right away.

    Am I making any sense? LOL!
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    If the process is the same as a couple years back, then the answer is Yes.

    If you have applied for SA's and ROTC then SA's (at a certain point on the application process) will request DoDMERB. These results will show on DoDMERB status.

    Once you have been awarded an ROTC scholarship, that ROTC branch will then request a DoDMERB. If you have already completed a DoDMERB physical, then your file will be reviewed based on ROTC regulations and THEN you will see an ROTC DoDMERB status.
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    Singapore is correct, and that is why for those who are applying SA and ROTC they watch the DoDMERB site because sometimes it will pop up before you receive info from the source. Thus, they become Snoopy and check to see if it has changed @ the time of the boards.

    DS went AFROTC and his popped up prior to getting the official notification, but that was 4 yrs ago so they may have stopped that process.

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