Medical Waiver Denied


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Oct 14, 2006
While this may be a dumb question, I'm going to ask it anyway. My son's request for a medical waiver from the Air Force Academy was denied. Is that the end of the line for USAFA? We still haven't heard from the Naval Academy and West Point approved his waiver request.

You can always request that the USAFA re-look at his file. Mention in your letter that USMA has approved his waiver. Sometimes one academy will reverse their decision if they think they will lose an applicant to another service academy. Of course they may not change the decision, each service waiver authority looks to see how the disqualification will affect the applicant for that particular service, and mission.
Waiver denial change?

My son & I have been checking his DoDMERB status weekly to see if he gets a waiver from the Naval Academy. When checking today, I noticed that the Current Medical Status under the Air Force Academy had changed from: Waiver Denied to Pending Waiver Submission/Review even though D260.40 Waiver Denied is still listed. What does this mean? Could the Air Force Academy be reconsidering? Derek even got a letter from the Air Force stating their waiver denial and that it was non-rebuttable. Is it worth my son calling DoDMERB to ask about it?
I am suprised you recived an answer so early. I am still waiting for my approval / denial. :frown: :frown:

It could mean a couple of things, 1) you submitted more medial information to DoDMERB and they have forwarded it to all the wavier authorities 2) the USAFA waiver authorities requested DoDMERB to re-send his case to them 3) you requested that DoDMERB re-send the file to the waiver authorities

In each case, it is up to USAFA to re-look at his file. If they don't, then the current state (wavier denied) is his status.