Medically Disqualified from AFROTC, want to do OTS


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Apr 20, 2017
I was an AFROTC cadet for 3 semesters, I had to take my medical test my 200 year and I told the absolute truth which was that I was taking medicine to manage anxiety (or better known, anti-depressants). I was then disqualified a week before the end of the semester, my cadre used every waiver and called in every favor they could. I didn't know that telling the truth about that medication would get me MD'd. I am not depressed, never have been and the only reason I was taking the anxiety medicine was because my doctor said it would relieve my stress, and to be honest, I was falsely prescribed it, I never actually needed it and it didn't really help much. I study Aerospace engineering, I'm on a 5 year program and currently wrapping up my 3rd year. I was a top performing cadet, was the physical fitness officer assistant, scored 100's on pfa, scored very high on asvab (especially on pilot, I wanted to go CSO). I have a void in my life that was the air force, I want to know if people know how to go about trying to get into OTS, if I have a real shot at aCSO slot like I did with AFROTC and if people think it's even worth it with technology replacing people. University of Cincinnati, Aerospace Engineering, GPA:3.56
As a cpa I can tell u that logic and government don't necessarily work together, but if you are disqualified for ROTC , why wouldn't the same thing disqualify u for OTS