1. B

    OTS after ROTC voluntary disenrollment?

    So, I voluntarily disenrolled from AFROTC as a contracted cadet. I was pretty excited when I received the scholarship and accepted it for my sophomore year but after being in a rut for a semester and still feeling like I wanted to explore more options for my future, I requested to be disenrolled...
  2. curiousas250

    Looks like I have to drop AFROTC for OTS, any advice?

    I'm a noncontracted sophomore cadet who likely has to drop Air Force ROTC in the near-future because I cannot complete the degree program I want at my current school for various reasons; staying would basically leave me with zero Plan B for a career outside of the Air Force, force me to extend...
  3. I

    Getting into OTS after getting kicked out of AFROTC?

    I have recently been kicked out of AFROTC for GPA related reasons. I was contracted and completed three years of the four year program. I want to apply for OTS after graduation. What are my chances of getting in after being kicked out of AFROTC? Background: I have a 3.2 gpa and a four year...
  4. L

    OTS pilot slot chances

    Good evening everyone, I am trying to get either OTS slot in USAF or OCS in navy. I want to be a pilot and since getting a slot is extremely competitive, I am trying my luck for both branches Stats - 23 years old, 5'9 height - Bachelors in Health Sciences with two minors ( Math, Arabic) - Top of...
  5. S

    Medically Disqualified from AFROTC, want to do OTS

    I was an AFROTC cadet for 3 semesters, I had to take my medical test my 200 year and I told the absolute truth which was that I was taking medicine to manage anxiety (or better known, anti-depressants). I was then disqualified a week before the end of the semester, my cadre used every waiver and...
  6. M


    I honestly couldn't find where else to post this question but I am trying to apply for the Air Force UPT OTS channel. Below are all my scores, I appreciate anyone who can say if these are competitive or if they know anyone who has been selected recently with similar numbers? AFOQT Scores: 91...