Medically DQ'd from AFROTC


Apr 21, 2015
I have a friend who is a Brother Rat at VMI who has decided to go from non-comm to commissioning. (At VMI you are required to take 2 years of Army ROTC even if you are not commissioning). He was trying to switch from Army to Air Force and pick up a contract. He was informed earlier today that the AFROTC would not take him due to the fact that he has an allergy to red dye (used in some foods) and has an epi-pen.

He is very upset and believes that he will not be able to get a waiver for any branch of ROTC. Is there anything he can do? Any suggestions or similar experiences?
If an epi-pen is required it means he most likely suffers from anaphylaxis when exposed to his antigen. You can't get a waiver for a severe allergy.