meds and exercise for DoDMERB physical


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Jul 6, 2007
Daughter received Concorde paperwork yesterday. She will be in Nicaragua until early August. Her varsity volleyball practices begin immediately upon her return. Therefore, she will be taking chloroquine (malaria medication) and be intensely exercising at the time of her appointment. There is no easy way around this although she can ask the coach to go easy on her on the day preceding the appointment. Will this be ok?
You need to ensure that your daughter explains fully why she is on the medication, and that will not be a problem. With the volleyball practice, does she have any days off? If she does I would try to schedule the appointment on the day she is supposed to return to practice so she has at least 24 hours of rest. If thats not going to work, I'd just ensure that she is well hydrated. If protein does show up in her urine DoDMERB will request a repeat urine. And with that one she will need to ensure she takes at least 2 days off from vigorous activities.

Make sure your daughter and the coach know that this is for her future, volleyball will still be there tomorrow and she's not going to waste away if she doesn't push hard for 2 days!
The problem is the 6 week timeline. She could schedule it the following Monday (they dont workout on Sundays) but then she is past the 6 week deadline. She could schedule it for the Monday prior but then she might not be completely recovered from her trip but maybe that's ok. I'd hate for her to have to redo labs.
If you need to wait longer than the 6 weeks it is not a problem. I don't know who DoDMERB assigned for you to schedule the exam through, but if you call the number that is on the card that was sent to your daughter and explain the circumstances they can get your daughter scheduled later than 6 weeks. That really isn't a problem, and it is early enough in the cycle to still have her medical completed by the end of the year, even if issues arise.
Thanks for the info! We think we have it figured out and if the provider isn't available for the appointment times we need, we'll go past the 6 weeks.