Meetin' up on I-Day


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Mar 1, 2007
I don't know if this the correct forum to place this, so I'll ask the moderators if it isn't, to kindly move it.

I have a list of some USNA 2011 parents who would like to meet on I-Day. Are there any parents on this forum that would want to do that? :biggrin:
Someone had a GREAT idea. If you all are too busy, emotional, don't wanna on I-Day, would anyone want to meet after PPW?
Its a great idea to hook up with other parents on I-Day. When one of you runs out of kleenex, the other will provide. Its a little early yet, but please think about signing on.
FWIW, I recommend that if a major shingding is going to be planned, it may be better to do it after PPW. Nerves will be frayed after I-Day.

It worked last year. :thumb:
I'm game to gather for either but I would guess I'd be better company after PPW rather than I-Day.

Nurseypoo--thanks for taking the time to try to organize a gathering.
Nerves are definitely frayed after I Day and last year we said our good bye's about 7:20pm and quite frankly were exhausted after a very long, hot and humid day. Not everyone will have a positive IDay experience. As much as you think that your P2B will be fine, meltdowns do occur on both the parents side and the new Plebes. Also, if you find yourself with a new Plebe who did not have a particularly good day...find a Chaplain. They will help calm the nerves and will help ease tensions about what will happen the rest of the evening. Anytime over Plebe Summer and for that matter and beyond the Chaplains are a great resource for when your Plebe is not feeling good about themselves or their situation. (Mine is not a religious - at least not organized religion - type and found the Chaplains extremely supportive)

Sunday evening after PPW you will really have a good feeling about your Plebe, yourself and the friends that can be and will be made (Parents and kids alike) Last year the Plebes had to be back for formation at 6pm. They will all want to return to the yard by 5:30 as there will be a chance that they will have the change uniforms before formation. It is a great time to take pictures of your Plebe on the yard. Formation is promptly at 6pm. We stayed to watch and were walking off the yard at about 6:20. Most definitely feeling more relaxed than after IDAY, and ready to socialize with other parents!
^^^^Good points. Thanks Profmom2.

After my experience at JoAnn Fabric the other day, I'm leaning toward PPW myself. There I was, minding my own business, checking out with my scrapbooking stuff (what else?). My youngest son was with me. I asked him if he was going to be lonely when his brother went away. He said, "Yeah, but it'll give me more time with you guys (the 'rents) and my friends." At that moment, my eyes welled up, to which he replied, "Are you having one of your moments? Mom!! Don't do this to (older son's name) on Induction Day!!"

So, after drying up with a VERY red face, I figured PPW may be a good idea.