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Jun 9, 2006
No way! This new Cuisinart coffee machine ROCKS! It has a filtering system & even grinds the beans for 14 cups! I can now stay up for 48 hours with no problem. If I can only stop this vibration in my chair......
I believe i have this same coffee maker and let me just say......... it's freaking AWESOME
ITS NOT A MAKER MAN! Its a MACHINE! Yeeeaaaahhhh, you know what I'm talking about. Its sweet! I think my chocolate addiction has been replaced though. You're the Doc. Which one is worse for me? Keep in mind I eat a 1 lb. bag of M&Ms in one sitting.

10 cups vs. 1 lb of chocolate = *BOING BOING BOING* They are about the same to me so you give your professional opinion.
Yep. Thats the toy I refer to. Hopefully the new-ness will wear off soon & I'll stop playing with it ten times a day. :D

Z, KP people love technology marvels. We stay on top of this stuff. :biggrin:
This thing is like a Rube Goldberg (sp?) machine, where it takes twenty steps to do one thing. It is simply fun to watch....I put whole beans in the top, push one button, and after a few whirrs and hisses I get a steaming hot cup of coffee.

I know what Z needs for Christmas now....
Moving to Off Topic since this really has nothing to do with KP

(yes I did just use one of my awesome mod powers :yikes: )
Believe it or not, I'm the only Navy guy I can remember, and only the second Cuban I know, that doesn't drink coffee.

So....... How far down the esteem ladder did I just fall? :yllol:
I tried to hold out from drinking coffee for as long as I could, but the boring nights on the bridge of an oil tanker finally broke me down. And don't even get me started about medicine.....(I'm going to let you in on a dirty little secret here) The insaneness of call days in the hospital......After being up for 24hrs seeing patients in the hospital they put us in this little lecture room with the rest of the department and expect us to pay attention to a 30-60 minute lecture and then return to the ward to continue seeing patients for five more hours before even thinking of going home. The only way I even get close to making it through the lecture is with a huge cup of coffee.

Luckily this only happens every fourth night next year (rarely happens this year, simply because the fourth year of med school is the best). In the "old days" it would happen every other night, that was before laws were enacted to restrict the work-week to a max of 80 hours. Now all interns and residents simply work 79 hours, :stretcher:

By the way, did I ever warn y'all to stay away from hospitals in July in August?
Hmmmmmm Okay I will bite.

What happens in July and August? Let me guess- the only doctors available are newbies?
Or when the new interns get there who don't know their stethoscope from a hole in the ground.

But thanks JAM for being the first to take the bait
You guys are too smart :) haha. July 1 is when all of the doctors in training move up a notch in the food chain. The new interns (read: just a month ago in medical school and also myself in a few short months) are just starting, your "senior resident" was possibly just an intern a few days ago, and your "attending" could have been a resident just the week before....

Now if you're with your regular doctor or at a hospital that is not a training hospital the above does not apply.