Merry Christmas from Jamzmom


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Merry Christmas....

I would love to take this opportunity to wish you all a very blessed Merry Christmas. To all who have worn the uniform or who are currently wearing the the uniform and defending our freedoms and this great country the United States of America. Also, to their families who make a committment too. I also do not want to forget those Cadets and Midshipmen of the Service Acedemies and in the ROTC programs throughout this those are are coming from from Iraq, I say welcome home. As one who could nor serve, without all of you, we do not get enjoy the freedoms that we do. And a very special thank you to those who paid with their lives, who have paid a debt, which you did not owe.

Merry Christmas to all,

God Bless and God Speed,



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Jamzmom! Happy holidays to you as well! And how is the AF? I hope you have some time to hang out with us this coming year.:shake: