Methacholine challenge test ?


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Jan 2, 2008
Our son has to do a Methacholine challenge test. Concorde gave us the info to make appointment for the testing this afternoon. We called to make the appointment and the scheduler told me:

They would not just give the test. Son would have to come in, see the doctor (earliest appointment 3 months from now) and he would decide if the testing was necessary.

I explained that DoDMERB wanted the testing done and asked her to please check her records as Concorde should have faxed all the necessary info to the office. She checked, came back to the phone and said:

"I see that your son is only 17. We will not do Methacholine testing on anyone under the age of 18. We don't care who wants the test done, and good luck finding anyone in this state who will do it for you."

I plan to call Concorde first thing in the morning, but I am curious...

Has anyone ever been told you can't do Methacholine testing on someone under the age of 18?
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Call Concorde, they may be able to assist. I am also going to PM you with a POC at DoDMERB to contact.
I got a methacholine test about 3 months ago. First of all, it was a huge help. Along with some perscription records, it completely got my asthma DQ wiped out.

I was 18 at the time, however, and they seemed pretty serious about it. And by the nature of the test, and the potential of things that can go wrong, I can see why theres so much "CYA" involved. Even though I was 18, it still took forever to get all the paperwork sent through and the doctors to approve it. But its definately worth the effort.
My Daughter got DQ'd for asthma and Concorde quickly set up a methacholine test that she is to take next week. We had no one in the area approved by dodmerb to do the test and somehow Concorde stepped in and got one approved so that the bill is being paid for her as well. :thumb:
She is only 17 and I have not heard anyone indicate that she had to be 18 to have the test done.
Based upon my experience, I would call concorde again and someone there should get it squared away. Good luck.