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    For current (or past) Midshipmen, what was your GPA in your sophomore nad junior years of high school?
    and for BGOs, could being involved in leadership roles make or break someone's application and how much leadership should one have?
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    While interesting, this really isn't relevant for USNA purposes. Comparing your GPA to that of another student is like comparing apples and railroad cars. Seriously. GPAs can vary based on SO many factors, that no two are really comparable. Those factors include: (1) courses taken (e.g., English, Biology, Art, Music), (2) level of courses taken (i.e., are you taking the highest level math offered for your year in school or a lower level?) (3) are honors courses involved? (e.g., AP, IB, Honors), (4) strength of school (i.e., what percentage goes on to 4-Yr colleges), (5) weighted/unweighted GPA, (6) did you need to work, etc. to support your family.

    What is more important for USNA purposes is your class rank b/c that shows where you are in relation to your peers. You can have a 3.9, but if 70% of your class has a 3.91 or better, it doesn't look as good . . . . Conversely, you could have a 3.25 and be in the top 10% of your class at a supercompetitive high school. Looks better.

    Again, not easy to answer. First, as a general rule, great leadership will not overcome a deficient academic record. However, a candidate who has great leadership, great fitness, and the potential to succeed academically, may be offered NAPS/Foundation.

    Complete lack of any leadership COULD break an application. However, understand that there are MANY ways to lead. It's not just being class president. People can do community activities, work, volunteer, etc. Or, maybe they lead by taking care of the family.

    You can't "quantify" leadership. Someone can be a great leader doing only one activity. Others may spread their talents among a number of activities/organizations. You may want to review my comments in the Stickie at the top of this forum in terms of leadership.

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