Migraine Waiver


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Jan 13, 2007
Sir, I received notice from the AFA today that my request for a medical waiver for migraine headaches was denied as non-rebuttable. The back-up info I sent in with my waiver request showed that I have had 2 migraines in my life - 12 months ago,and 21 months ago. My physician had me try Topamax, which I used for 2 months after the last episode, but have not taken since. My neurologist also included a letter stating that these were isolated incidents and not a recurring trend. I am on no other medication. Does the fact that I was told it is non-rebuttable (even though the DODMERB website, updated this week,shows my status as being "currently under waiver review") completely close the door for me now? Years of preparation....summer sem.....4.6gpa...11 pullups and 143 situps on the CFA WASTED BECAUSE OF TWO LOUSY MIGRAINES??? is mcdonald's hiring?? OK,,its late, I'm rambling. Thank you for any insight you can give on this!

The USAFA waiver authority makes the non-rebutable descision based on the information in the medical records that they have received from DoDMERB. If you feel that thier descision is in error, you can write to the admissions office (this is only for USAFA) requesting that the waiver authority re-look at your file. I would include as much information as you feel nessesary to assit them in reconsidering your waiver as you feel is nessesary.

It is up to the admissions office as well as the wavier authority to decide if they want to reconsider your wavier. If you feel strongly that an error was made, go ahead and request. The worst thing they can do is not reconsider your wavier, the best thing is they will reconsider your waiver. You don't know unless you ask.