Migraines, Allergies, Asthma, Fainting- DODMERB


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Apr 16, 2007
Migraines, Allergies, Asthma, Fainting- DODMERB
My son had childhood mild asthma, some headaches as a child, no symptoms either of these since age 8. Now he is 17, and his recent possible problems are: he fainted once last year after cutting himself deeply in Biology Lab. He currently has mild spring pollen allergies.
Is he going to be DQ?
I filled out the forms, answering everything completely honestly and he has his DODMERB physical this week.
I am reading some experiences on message boards and am really scared for him! He's done so much work on these applications (USNA/NROTC) and it seems they should just tell you upfront to skip applying if you have ever been treated for these types of things?! These seem so minor to me. Our pediatrician always mentions at annual exams how healthy he is and how surprised we never have any sick visits like everyone else in his practice. I consider him so healthy, I never thought these old things would DQ him, and dosen't everybody have hay fever!?
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Don't let the possibility of a DQ discourage you or your son. Keep plugging away and don't give up!

Almost two years ago my son had his dodmerb exams and had a DQ. At the time I did not have this forum to go to and did not have RetNavyHM to ask questions of. I was very upset because I did not know about the waiver process and thought that DQ was the end of my son's dream. To make a long story short, my son received a waiver from both Army ROTC and West Point. He spent a year at prep school and is now going through cadet basic training at West Point. It all worked out in the end.

Hang in there.:wink:
I'll just number these to keep myself straight:

1. Asthma - DoDMERB will request birth to present medical records, and as long as the medical records show no problems, and no medication prescribed after the 13th birthday there should be no problems.
2. Headaches - As long as the headaches haven't affected his activites and/or he hasn't been prescribed any medications for headaches in the past 3 years there should be no problems.
3. Fainting - If it was a one time episode and it appears to be a vaso-vagal response, there will be no issues
4. Allergies - As long as the allergies are well controlled with over the counter medications and they do not affect his activites there will be no problems.

Did I get all the questions??
Thank you for the reassurance, RetNavyHM, and WAmom68. I am going to have a hard time getting records since birth. Since age 6 we've had one doctor, but before that we had 3 different practices: one is defunct, one doctor is deceased, and I cannot find the other! But everything since age 6 is available easily. I am unsure as to his last prescription for asthma. We may have kept renewing it until around age 12 or 13, but he never used it or needed it. Should have not asked the doctor for a renewal!

I sent you a pm :wink:

The only other thing that I have to add is do not delay in anything DoDMERB asks you for! Some doctors offices are prompt and others take forever. Some offices and hospitals charge you and some will copy for free. When collecting records for my daughter last fall, records from the hospital took 3 weeks!
I waited until I collected all of them, made a photo copy and mailed them with a tracking number. All told, I spent about $127. It was worth it when she got her waiver though.
Update! Good News!

We did have to send in all records we could get, and we had them from age 6. They accepted the information I had regarding the deceased doctors and now defunct practices we went to before age 6. We had to fill out another allergy questionnaire. Only a week after I sent in all the information, we got a letter saying he was medically qualified!
Thanks for all your advice here, and now we're on to the next steps in the nomination process!
Congratulations on getting over one hurdle and best of luck with the rest of the process!