"Military duty"


Jan 27, 2017
my mom is getting me flights for thanksgiving break etc. and I know I can't leave till after my last military duty. Could someone explain what the military duties are and as a freshman what sort of duties I will have and the latest that these duties could be (so I know what time to get a flight just to be safe). Is it better to leave the next day, or are they typically done by a certain time?
Class for thanksgiving and Exams for Christmas leave The final schedule may not be posted for awhile yet.
You will find out sometime after the academic year begins in August when the last class will be for TG and Christmas. However, while I believe my kids were usually on a plane Tuesday night, there was a year when they did not arrive in the Steeler Nation until TG morning! Please, unless you can make a reservation without significant penalty for change, don't make plans just yet. From experience, I would even say to wait through BCT. You may not know if you will have additional duties after classes end. It is a short drive to COS airport and an hour or so to DEN (expect longer with traffic).
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It's definitely way too early to know what your class schedule will look like. Wait to buy tickets until then.
The past 2 years DS was not allowed to book a flight leaving before 6pm out of Denver on Tuesday. I think there is a rule in place so cadets don't try to schedule flights out too early. I don't know what the time is for Colorado Springs Airport. This might be different for different squadrons but this as been what we have experienced.