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    The Master Chief Petty Officer and the Master Gunnery Sergeant, one a Marine the other a Sailor, meet in a bar one day. They began to discuss which of them had had the more difficult and dangerous 30- year career. The retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant begins: "The morning after I graduated from high school, I was on the train for Parris Island, South Carolina. Following Boot Camp I found myself in a Regiment assigned to the Iwo Jima landing. With my fellow Marines we fought our way to the top of Mount Suribachi. In Korea I was with Chesty Puller at Inchon, then we fought our way to the Yalu River. In the cold Korean winter we fought at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. I ended my career after Vietnam where I spent 3 months in the Battle of Khe Sanh after stomping through endless rice paddies. The Navy Master Chief looked him in the eye, took a long draw on his bottle of beer and said, "Well, it figures, all shore duty!"
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    A salty har-har on that one.

    Same bar, and I actually saw this one happen. Navy SEAL officer is being razzed by other officers, "we hear you know 25 ways to kill someone with your bare hands."
    "Pick one."
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