Minor back surgery before OR After DODMERB


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Jun 14, 2007
Hey out there.... anyone have a cadet/mid who had a ruptured disk BEFORE the DODMERB physical?

We have a second son very interested in USNA. He's a rising senior and just attended the USNA Summer Seminar. He's ready to go through with the application process. We are concerned about qualifying medically because... He ruptured his L4-L5 disk during spring football and the MRI shows enough of a rupture that he will require surgery. Out patient..mininal, 6 weeks recovery.

The BIG question is...will he qualify with surgery of this sort? The Dr. states that he'll be 100% in 6 weeks. We'll schedule it so he'll have 8-10 weeks before the DODMERB physical. Should I be worried?

Should he have surgery before or after DODMERB? Will he have to go through the 'Waiver Process'?

thanks for your help.
The fact that your son has a herniated nucleus pulposus is a disqualification. Also a history of surgery to correct the same is a disqualification. So, your son will have a disqualification no matter what route he decides to take. This is an issue, that once it has been corrected (in this case through surgery) can be waived, but it will be VERY closely looked at.

As to when to take the DoDMERB physical exam. It really doesn't matter if its done before of after the surgery, but I would suggest that he does his physical exam as soon as possible. The earlier his package can get in front of the waiver board the better. He may not be 100%, but the waiver authorities will have the chance to follow his progress as you submit more records.

I hope this has answered your questions, and if you have any others, please feel free to post them.
back surgery before/after DODMERB

To RetNavy DR.
Thanks for your reply. You might wonder why we do not have hope that it will 'go away with rest'. This pain has persisted, and been constant sciatic to butt and upper thigh since November. The Dr. does not have hope that it will 'go away'. From what you stated, we are on the course to get the surgery as soon as possible and have his recovery be complete well before a fall DODMERB. We will bring all the surgery records to the DODMERB, including (we hope) the full recovery statement from the DR. Then, the 'waiver' process can begin immediatly.
His brother is a 2C at USNA and this son wants to join him. I have hope, faith and persistence to see this through.
Thanks for your help. I'll keep you informed. EPF - Eagles4:rolleyes: :rolleyes: