missing phone call from MOC


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Oct 15, 2008
My MOC decided to call my house the 23rd/24th after we had flown down to another state for Christmas. I obviously missed the call, I haven't been able to call back because I've had a busy schedule and all (Christmas, Saturday, etc), they don't just not give you the nomination if you don't respond this quickly right? It seems like a stupid question but I need reassurance.
Don't worry about it ... They know people go away for the holidays, and their office was probably closed early on the 24th, closed on the 25th and many MOC offices closed on the 26th as well. You can call and leave a message or wait and call on Monday when their office is almost certainly open .... But don't worry - if they were calling you to tell you about a nom, rest assured they won't give it to someone else ...
That would be incredible if they actually stripped you of a nom because you did not answer the phone. Sounds like something a 13 year-old girl would do.
haha, well said Packermatt.

but no, the call was probably just a congratulations. You'll be receiving a letter in the mail in a week or so. That's how it worked for me. I'm pretty sure they don't call the kids that aren't getting a nomination
haha thanks, I figured. I just needed to be re-assured. This is my second nomination and, because of the number of applicants, I have a better chance of being their main choice so I'm really antsy about this one. They even gave me my MOC's home phone number to call back, but I didn't want to leave a message saying...hello, this is so and so, i was asked to call this number blah blah blah... it just would seem a little rude, i don't know.
I'll try the office's number tomorrow.
I finally got called back today, I got the nomination and was told that I was "very impressive" by MOC herself. sweeeeet hopefully i was first choice.