missing transcripts... can someone verify suite number on address?

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by FutCandMom, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Hoping this is a simple question... we have two suite numbers for the admissions office. The recommendation letters, per on line form, have 2300 listed as the suite number. The pre-candidate handbook has 2400.

    DS' HS counselor says transcript forms and all pertinent school info were sent out mid September to the suite 2400 address, but DS' on line checklist still has them noted as "Not Received". Could they be in the wrong place just sitting? Which is the correct suite number?
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    Try this :

    USAFA/RRS, 2304 Cadet Dr Ste 2300, USAFA, CO 80840-5025

    Tidbit: There is a counselor I know of that many friends of mine are assigned to. My friends have stated that they have submitted documents and it seems this particular counselor cannot find them or loses them/etc. What I recommend is to have them on the phone immediately after a week. Or just fax it. I faxed all my documents in and that worked for me. You cannot fax official high school transcripts though. But yes, the above address is what I used and everything is in.

    Good luck!
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    Another thing to realize is that the USAFA/RRS counselors are SWAMPED right now with inputs from all sides! :eek:

    So it's not uncommon (frustrating I know) to have them receive something at USAFA and it just take some time (several weeks) to get "online" in the system.

    Give it a week or two...and then if nothing, follow-up with the counselors.

    It'll work! :thumb:

    USAFA '83
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    Right now the Fax is down at USAFA. So please don't try that right now. Here is what the site says:

    Note: The USAFA Admissions FAX machine is out of commission until further notice. Please call your counselor for alternate instructions on how to submit paper documents.

    I know it may sound like overkill, but when I sent documents in, I always did priority mail with delivery confirmation. Then I could track it myself and at least see when it got to USAFA. DS finished application several weeks ago. Most of the paperwork he had to submit was in over a month ago and it still took at least a week for it to be posted. Nowadays, since they are so busy, it could be more like 2-4 weeks. Good luck!

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