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Aug 5, 2007
Yesterday I discovered something that caused me to sleep very little... I have never checked my online profile because I never saw the necessity in doing so. In fact the user name and password doesn't even work because admissions has sent me the wrong one. The account password and username they gave me when I applied to SLS does work, but I lost the paper. On my dad's office computer, the user name and password is automatically saved by the internet, so I was able to access it for the first time since early October. I browsed around and checked my activities sheet. There seems to be a real sick error... they gave me 4 letters in a sport that I never eanred.. and I even verified my activities sheet (photocopy). My sheet didn't contain such credentials... so I'm semi relieved. I received my appointment a week ago or so.., and wonder how this is going to turn out. My heart is set on notifying admissions, but I was wondering what they will do to me? How could this happen? My sheet was under a lot of hands during the admissions process when I handed my HS administration the sheet back in October.. they didn't mail it along with the rest of my stuff until November 30th. Do you think someone couldn't tampered with my sheet? I don't want credentials that I didn't earn, but loosing my appointment will kill me and my family.
EG, Last year our guidance counselor explained what actually happens when the admissions committee meets to review a file. They see the hard copies that you sent. Perhaps it is just a discrepancy that occured when your data was entered onto your online Candidate Activity Record.

Of course you have to correct this immediately. Place a phone call to your admissions officer - look in your "Instructions to Candidates" book for your regional officer's number. Be honest, keep your explanation brief and do not make excuses.
First, take a deep breath...believe in yourself.
Second, I am only speaking for the AFA site, it is locked to the candidate and they can not tamper with it. The transcript is what is sent by the gc, so they would be the ones at faultfor giving credentials you didn't earn. (Transcript is also closed after submission to the GC) Conact your MALO, they can give you assistance on what path to take.

My own opinion, I would contact them (admissions), they will find it out, and being proactive gives you the chance to explain. It is better than saying "well, I knew, but didn't think it was an issue". Remember there is an honor code, and I believe this would fall under the code. Service before self.

Lesson learned always be proactive to anything that your name is attached to.