Mistakes You Wish You Never Made....

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by mack7, Jun 10, 2016.

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    Do y'all mind commenting some of the things that you wish you avoided doing doolie year and throughout the years? I understand that learning from mistakes is a vital part in building character and what not, but I figure we can all learn from each others' mistakes!:)
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    I won't reply to what you shouldn't do, because it's futile. What's wrong for one person, might not be wrong for another. Mainly because most times, it isn't what you said or did, but rather HOW you said it or did it.

    Of course there are obvious dont's. Don't think of yourself as someone or something special. With all your accomplishments and accolades, you'll discover that of the other 1000-1200 cadets in your class, that most of them have similar or more then you. You are no longer the big fish in a small pond. You are the small fish in a big pond.

    I will tell you some things you should do however.
    1. Remember, you have 2 ears and 2 eyes and 1 mouth. This way you can see and hear twice as much as you say. In other words, look, listen, and learn. Keep your mouth shut unless asked a question or unless you have an important question to ask.
    2. Remember, the academy and the military is all about the TEAM. Ensure that your team, at any level, succeeds. If they don't succeed, you WON'T succeed.
    3. Remember, no matter if you think something is wrong, unfair, impossible, etc. the academy has been doing this for around 60 years. You aren't the first cadet going through it. NOTHING you go through is unique. Tens of thousands before you have done it. Especially the cadre who is leading you.
    4. Finally, don't take anything personal. It's not. All the yelling, screaming, ordering, and training is designed to break you down and make you part of a team. The academy can't function properly with 1200 individuals. Before you can learn to be a leader, which is the main objective, you must first learn to follow and understand the team and all its members. You'll get your individuality back in time. Just not that first year.

    Best of luck.

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