MMA Orientation Sched

Get ready for the time of your life. My son said he's bumped into MMA kids everywhere who are on different ships in different ports. He's recently made good friends with some Cal Maritime kids as well. You'll be going to some pretty cool places during your education. Won't be long til August!
That sounds pretty cool! I like the mini-cruise idea! I really want to know what the Chowder Bowl is???

Do you all sit around and see who can eat the most Chowda? If so, I am there!
Very nice Lesya. It wll be here before you know it. Keep in good shape over the summer!:biggrin:
I did it!

Hey everyone I'm back from Orientation! let me just say wow! It was an experience of a life time for me! It had it's good and bad times. we did all kinds of trainning such as fire fighting, water survival, rowing, sailing, and tons of other fun trainning exercises. Here's a link that's have pics from my company and other companies. I'm 4th company... my class is the biggest in the academy history and also the most selective class in MMA's history. the grad ceremony was awsome my aviator is my company and im the little cad/c in the back marching during grad ceremony. It was a great day. everyone in the crowd was pointing to me an d saying wow that tiny girl made it through. haha.. Our recognition ceremony is Oct 29 and that is when we get recon as 4/c cadets.

Here's the link..

Classes start wed. Im taking. basic Enlish comp class, basic math class, Western civ., Intro to steam engine /w lab class and vessel familurization w/ a lab class.

Hope everyone is doing well. I will keep you all updated..