MOC nomination data!


Oct 9, 2016
Hi everyone. I just found a spread sheet that shows the nominations by each House of Rep from 2009 to 2012. I hope this information is helpful to anyone.
On the bottom of each sheet it says that highlighted names are MOC with low nominations. Is that represented by the CHC/CBC? anyone know what these mean? Im in NY-16 and it looks like only one person per year gets a nomination from the USMA. Does this mean that it should be less competitive to get a nomination in my district? Thanks.

A6E Dad

Jun 30, 2016
CBC = Congressional Black Caucus
CHC = Congressional Hispanic Caucus

the purpose of this data is to highlight low nomination numbers (and by inference, low levels of interest) in areas of disproportionately high, underrepresented minorities.

it has been a stated goal of the academies to increase the number of qualified applicants from these groups

there are plenty of reps from urban areas not part of CBC and CHS who also have very low numbers, ie. Nancy Pelosi has nominated a grand total of 15 candidates across USMA, USNA, USAFA over 4 years..... Average of 1.25 nominations per academy per year.....


Feb 15, 2017
Quick check of Rep Engel's website confirms he is a late nominator; you wont know until Jan '18 if you get one from him.

That's way too late to get moving on the rest of your SA application so don't sweat the odds - start early, work out from now til Oct for the CFA, take SAT/ACT multiple times this spring and next fall, do some community volunteering etc over the summer, get your letters of recommendation lined up early Sept; once school starts next fall see your HS counselor same timeframe for transcripts / school activity records / etc etc etc.

The sooner you start all that the sooner you will get your candidate portal updated with the 'done' items. Oh - and next month start your application file at SA and seek out your local admissions liasons, get on the mailing list for admissions seminars in your area.

DS' MOC interviewed candidates in early Oct; that was a blessing since it forced him to get all his stuff done early.

And good luck!