1. D

    2026 State Nominations Thread

    Does anyone have experience applying for a nomination with Sen. Feinstein? There is mixed information. Some places it says to email all information and others it asks for USPS mail. We just want to be sure to get it right.
  2. Meowspike13

    Congressional Nomination Application Inquiry

    Good evening! I'm currently filling out my nomination packet for my representative and have a question concerning extracurricular information. On my nomination packet, I have a section for "Special awards and honors for academic and non-academic activities, with dates. I have awards from...
  3. C

    Difficult District and Medical Disqualification

    Good Evening, I have been consuming a lot of this forum, but I decided it was about time I posted a question myself. So I've received a Nomination to USAFA from a particularly hard district (700+ Applicants in CO-01), and been served a Medical Disqualification. I have noticed many people of...
  4. Meowspike13

    Presidential Nomination Application Inquiry

    Hey y'all, I am a C/O 2026 applicant and am eligible for the POTUS nomination. For awhile now, I have had the Presidential Nomination Application/PDF from the USNA website. How does the process work in order to submit a POTUS nomination after filling it all out? Is it submitted digitally? Etc...
  5. F

    Two Nominations

    Hello all, I received my second nomination to USNA today. Since I am still awaiting an appointment, would this second nomination help me? (both nominations from members of congress)
  6. FØB Zero

    Presidential nom

    How is this different from a MOC nom from the admissions perspective? Is it less selective than MOC (bc MOC has limited number attending)?
  7. MrSTOCK

    Double Nomination

    I asked this question in the 2025 nominations thread already, but I figured I would get more answers making my own post. I received two nominations in my portal this morning with the code “OR61”. Meaning this is from one of my senators. Is a double nomination common with senators? And does it...
  8. The_DeLorean

    How to tell whether I am principal nominee

    Greetings all, I've visited these forums many times over the past two years to gather intel but never had the need to make an account. I am a high school senior who has completed most of the things necessary for 3/Q, just waiting for an orthodontics DoDMERB waiver and holding off a week or two...
  9. J

    Nomination For US Citizen Abroad

    Dear All, I am currently a Junior studying at a International School (American Curriculum) in the Philippines and I am a US Citizen by birth. Both my parents are not US citizens, but I have relatives (aunt/uncle) that currently live in the US (California, Michigan, etc). Would It be possible...
  10. S

    Multiple MOC’s nominations

    I am currently finishing my application to USAFA and was interested on how multiple nominations affects you’re application process. I currently have both my senator nominations and my congresswomen nomination. Any advice (or assistance) would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  11. L

    Chances of nomination are not good- advice wanted

    Hello. I am new here, but I have been considering attending West Point for some time now as well as learning about the application and nomination process. I am worried about my chances of nomination. The representative for my congressional district only considers applications for nominations if...
  12. FØB Zero

    Difference between 1 nom and 2 noms to SA?

    Does receiving 2 noms vs 1 make a big impact on your chance of acceptance?
  13. US2021

    Applied after nomination: results

    In my last post I discussed how I initially was only going to apply to USNA and indicated that on nominations. (Received noms to USNA early dec), but by then decided Army is more down my alley. Unfortunately though, there are no more slots for USMA bc my district is so competitive. What can I...
  14. S

    VP Nomination Application Confirmation?

    Hello, Yesterday I submitted my application for the Vice Presidential Nomination and never got a confirmation email of any sort. I got a little pop up that said "thank you for submitting" and it just refreshed the page. Since every other nomination source has sent out a confirmation email I...
  15. M

    Appointment Reception for USNA

    I just received a call this morning from my state’s representative in which I received a nomination from that I had been awarded an appointment to the United States Naval Academy. My portal does not yet show the appointment, and I was wondering when it would update? Also when do you think my...
  16. G

    Appointment Timeline and Question

    Good evening, This is my first time posting on the Air Force Academy Forums, so I apologize if I make any formatting mistakes. I am an applicant for the Air Force Academy for the Class of 2025. I completed my application back in early November, got a presidential nomination in October, and...
  17. US2021

    Applied after Nomination

    Hello there, I already received a nomination to USNA and finished all my interviews a couple months ago. Im pretty sure my district distributed all nominations. But I just decided to finish and submit my app to USMA as a backup (after speaking with cadets there a couple weeks ago). Is this OK...
  18. B

    2025 State Nominations Thread

    Has anybody received any form of confirmation of receipt of their packets from either of the Ca senators? I have sent mine over a month ago and just now heard back from Harris, still no word on Feinstein. I know they are supposed to send the post card one includes in their packet, but I still...
  19. E


    Everything on my application is finished except the nomination and DoDMERB. My Congresswoman has deemed me an "alternate" for nominations. Since the deadline, I have successfully completed my essays, CFA, and have improved my SAT score from a 1270 to a 1330. I also started track and was...
  20. C

    Is it too late to try to apply?

    I am a Senior in high school and recently found out about the service academies. I was planning on going to a state university, but after researching, I've decided that going into the academy would be the option I favored more. It has constantly been on my mind for the past month or so and it is...