1. J

    Chances of getting into USAFA with at least three already admitted students in my county?

    In my county (not sure about congressional district but assuming there are more applicants), there are already three students with either a LOA or an athletic offer (1 LOA 2 accepted athletic offers). How much will this negatively impact my chances of getting a nomination/appointment? Do...
  2. D

    Confused on how the NWL works

    I have gotten a nomination from my representative, but they're having a breakfast where they're announcing who will be getting the principal nomination. I have high hopes since I know my rep appointed 6-8 people for Air Force, and my interview and application were strong. If I don't get the...
  3. A

    Low ACT, no nom, are the chances bad?

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread. I see the Jan 31 deadline coming up in the next couple of weeks with the original deadline being Jan 15. I have finished everything I could do in the application for USAFA and this is my case. My ACT scores are not good, and although I'm 3rd in class (out...
  4. P

    Marine Corps Emblem

    Is it disrespectful to wear a lapel including both the Marine Corps emblem and the American flag to a nomination interview for USNA if I am not yet a Marine? (Plan to branch Marines if appointed to USNA otherwise NROTC Marine option)
  5. K

    The Secretary of the Army Nomination

    I was wondering if I am eligible to request for a nomination because I am in an Army JROTC program in my high school, and our battalion is an Honor Unit with Distinction. And if I am eligible, where do I send the nomination request? Thank you!
  6. U

    USMA Principal Nomination Question

    Hey Service Academy Community! I recently received a letter saying that I was my MOC principal nomination for USMA from my congressman. After reading through the forum of what a principal nomination is I am very excited but still have a few questions. 1. When does west point send out the 3Q's...
  7. Catullus

    Nomination without Notification

    Hey everyone! I checked my USMMA application today and noticed that the "Nomination" section next to the portal had become a "yes," but I had not heard anything back in communications from the congressional staff. Has anyone else experienced the same? Another quick question - Does anyone know...
  8. H

    When do nominations come out?

    Does anyone know if each congressman releases his/her notifications at the same time? Or will some be notified sooner than others?
  9. S

    Anyone receive nominations yet?

    Good evening! I just wanted to ask regarding the timeline of receiving nominations and this point, I have everything complete in my application, and my liaison officer told me that all is just the waiting game now. Has anyone received any nominations yet? Or when have...
  10. E

    Enlisted Applicant Question

    Currently, I am serving in the U.S. Navy, and am currently in "A School" (technical training for my rate/MOS). I need help understanding what next to do in the process of seeking my nomination. I understand that since I am currently enlisted, I must apply for SECNAV (the Secretary of the Navy...
  11. benfoster0


    As a junior in high school, I'm preparing to begin interviews with MOCs, and later on (hopefully) ALOs. I wanted to know besides grades, sports, and activities, what are some appropriate things I can talk about in my resume/interview? What I had in mind especially is the fact that my dad is a...
  12. G

    JROTC Nom

    My JROTC instructor offered to give me a nomination, but I can't seem to find a portal to send to him to fill out. He has done it in the past for USAFA and he said that he received an online portal that he had to fill out, but I haven't found any such port for USNA. Any help is great, thank you.
  13. 2

    Principal Nomination?

    I've seen "Principal Nomination" used a lot on these forums regarding MOC slates. Does it mean the #1 candidate on that MOC's slate? Or is it something else...
  14. C

    Prez/VP Nominations

    I am currently wrapping up the process of applying for nominations. I am applying to USAFA and USNA. However, a couple things seem to be evading me. I need a little help understanding how to apply for Presidential and Vice Presidential nominations. As I currently understand, To apply for the...
  15. F

    When can a Teacher Submit Letters of Rec?

    Hello friends, When is the letter of recommendation spot open for noms? (Can we submit them mid summer?) Can my teacher submit nomination letters at the same time as the academy letters of rec in mid summer? What month best to ask my junior yr teachers to write a rec (since during summer...
  16. colebgeorge

    Public University Transfer into a Service Academy

    Good evening, I'm brand new around here and I'm looking for some advice. I'm just finishing up my first full year of university at Texas A&M and I'm finding myself to be struggling in the big university atmosphere. I'm stuck in a major that I'm beginning to find that isn't the best fit for me...
  17. C

    Academy Enrollment Math

    So, as I understand it, each member of the House and Senate, and the Vice President each can have five cadets at USAFA at one time. That's 2680 cadets. The Presidential, Honor JROTC, Enlisted/Reservist vacancies, and Children of Disabled/Deceased Vets add another 350-375 cadets to the total. So...
  18. WW1UFI

    Are Nomination Apps Rolling?

    So I know that many of the nomination apps open at different times, mine range from September 27 to November 8th, but is sooner better? As I understand it it doesn't matter when you submit it because the nomination sources have their own committees that look at all the apps after the deadline...
  19. N

    Service-Connected Nomination Sources

    Hello, I am in the process of applying for nominations and am confused. Is the Secretary of the Army nomination capable of nominating active duty soldiers? If so, how would I apply? The portal has a document which has a box to check for the way in which you qualify for the SecArmy's...
  20. O

    Athens, Ohio - Academy Night 5/2/19

    The academy coordinators for Senator Sherrod Brown and Senator Rob Portman will be hosting a seminar in Athens on Thursday, May 2nd!! This event is open to interested students who would like to learn more about the congressional nomination process. Thursday, May 2, 2019 Athens-Meigs ESC 21...