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    Can anyone reply what some of the questions are asked during the moc interviews?thanks
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    1) You should be able to explain why you are joining the military, why you chose USNA over other military academies or civilian colleges.

    2) Be able to explain your plan B if not appointed.

    3) Sometimes they ask off the wall questions to see how you think or to trip up those who only memorized their answers to stock questions. One MOC used to ask candidates to 'describe which kitchen utensil best illustrates your personality', as an example.

    Don't try to memorize answers to what you think they will ask. That NEVER goes well, people naturally get nervous and it will seem really contrived. Be yourself, don't pretend to be someone else or the person who you think they are looking for.

    Be confident, but not arrogant or self-centered. EVERYONE who has gotten this far is good in any number of ways.

    You are not expected to be an expert on military code or things like that. Obviously, you should be familiar with the overall process of applying. Some basic knowledge of current events is also never a bad thing.

    Might also search older threads as this is frequently discussed.
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    Some may ask a question along these lines, "We have many terrific candidates -- why should we pick you?"

    Other possibilities, "How do you feel about serving in time of war?" "Tell us about the last book you read that wasn't assigned for school?" "If you could go back in history and meet someone, who would it be and why?" "Who is your 'hero' and why?" "How did you spend your summer?"

    The possibilities are endless. Unlike BGO, who must cover certain subjects (but have flexibility outside of that), MOC committees can ask whatever they want. As noted above, you really can't anticipate every question; however, many will be in line with things your BGO talked about.
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    When my DS first started his journey he was also wondering what they might ask of him during an interview. Both of my sons were in the car. One of the questions I asked them was. If you could talk to anybody in past history who would it be and what would you ask him.

    DS1 - Winston Churchill - He said he would ask him what he thought of society today compared to what it was like back during his time.

    DS2 - General W. T. Sherman - He said he would ask him about his loyalty to General Grant and if he could teach him the same qualities.

    I was pleasantly surprised at both answers and wondered for a moment how the h - - - they could come up with these two guys. Churchill was not too much of a surprise since he is favorite of mine. General Sherman on the other hand was a bit of a shock. I was not ready for that name to be pulled from the hat. Both boys are history heads and enjoy a good book so I am sure he read something that got his attention. DS2 is getting ready to read We were soldiers once and young.

    Pick up the "The Naval Academy Handbook" my DS read it prior to going to NASS and his interview. It helped him a great deal.

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