MOC Rep Phone Call USNA and USAFA - Does this make sense?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by NAVYDAD1971, Oct 30, 2014.

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    Hello all - has anyone ever heard of a SA contacting a MOC and telling them they are going to use a PRES NOM (if available) and that they don't have to interview that applicant anymore? My DD received a call from our MOC rep today stating that they got an email from the USAFA that they were using her PRES NOM. and that they are giving her her an appointment (although we haven't received a BFE from the USAFA to confirm). The MOC rep did this as a courtesy call because he said that there's a good chance the other MOC's (Senators) from our state might not even interview her even though she listed the USNA as her top choice since they'll know she's got a PRES NOM. The MOC rep said our Congressman will still move forward with the interview because he knows my DD really wants to go to USNA.

    Has anyone ever heard of this before? Why would MOC's not continue with the interview even though we listed the USNA as the 1st choice or do you think the rep is just guessing? I"m concerned because our state is one of the most competitive for the USNA and although she's got a PRES NOM, i've read that a MOC NOM would make her more competitive and make her application look "better"?

    Any gouge would be greatly appreciated!!
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    1. It's normal for a MOC to notify an applicant of an appointment. This is a courtesy the academies extend them. They give them 7 days to notify the applicant prior to sending the BFE etc.

    2. Clearly she is just guessing about the course of action the other MOCs might take, although it's possible it's a good guess.

    3. Regardless of #2, if the congressman is moving forward with the interview then you're no worse off than you were prior to the call.
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    My DS had a Pres Nom locked in. Our MOC proceeded and he was the primary from her to USNA, 1st alternate to AFA.

    According to the NA portal and his paperwork, they used the MOC.

    Since you come from such a competitive state, this may be why the NA is choosing the POTUS route. There may be even more shuffling as time goes by. The MOC is probably trying to ensure your DD still gets a "fair shake" and in the long run might be wise if further shuffling should occur.

    Hopefully a large envelope is on the way! GO NAVY!

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