More Media Bias


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Jun 9, 2006
Sometimes I see things that make me think fondly of Z. :shake: This made me say, "Arrrggg". :rolleyes:

On Friday, retired Gen. Richard Sanchez gave a speech at the Military Reporters and Editors Luncheon in Washington, DC. The general used his speech to focus on the problems in Iraq. As you might have guessed, members of the media sprinted to their laptops to cover the story, quoting Gen. Sanchez as saying there is "no end in sight" and that "the best we can do with this flawed approach is stave off defeat."

Did the general make such comments? Yes. What the media is not telling you, however, is that they chose to report on only half the speech. They irresponsibly only covered the second half in which Gen. Sanchez spoke of America's "current national security condition." The first half of the speech dealt with Sanchez's criticism of the media and it's coverage of Iraq. Coverage that he believes is "unscrupulous" and "agenda" driven. But did the media cover that? No. In their reporting of the general's speech, they immediately showed that the general is right. The media bias is so pervasive that they will stop at nothing to attack the Bush administration and paint a dismal picture of the situation in Iraq. Let's look at what the general had to say...