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    It seems to me the folks who are now proposing we establish a “space corps” instead of a “space force” are unaware of how the DoD actually works. They claim the space corps would be to the Air Force as the Marine Corps is to the Navy, and that it would merely be “part of the Air Force”. I think they fail to see that’s not how it works. The Marines are not “part of the Navy” just because they fall under the Dept of the Navy - they are a separate branch w/a completely different mission. So, in essence, establishing the space “corps” would require the same thing, which is to establish a separate branch.
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    They are probably referring to the way the Marine Corps is set up, they fall under Department of the Navy and there is no Secretary of the Marine Corps. The MC also falls under the navy budget, while the MC is a branch unto itself, the Navy still holds the checkbook. The connection to the Navy is also apparent in the commissioning from the USNA and NROTC/MO. New officers could be commissioned through the AFA and AFROTC/SC, this in itself could save a lot of money and logistic set up not having to add another completely different commissioning source. The "Space Corps" could have that same relationship with the Air Force, it makes sense since the AF is already heavily invested in Space Operations. While they would set up a new branch they wouldn't need to add a new Department and would be able to move the current space assets easier between the AF and the newly created Space Corps keeping the budget within the AF.