Most active forum site?


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Feb 20, 2008
Has anyone noticed that USNA is the most active group on this forum?
What does it mean?:wink:
It's funny, but it's true, and not just here. Over at the other place it's true, too.

Even AFTER I left. :biggrin:
True Zap, but the best thing about THIS place is that it's NOT like the "other" place....
In answer to the original question.......hard to say.

For me the quality of the replies mean far more than the quantity.
For me the quality of the replies mean far more than the quantity.

No doubt. One thing we try very hard to do here is ensure ACCURATE answers. Even guys like me (who have been out of the loop for a while) try very hard to differentiate between facts and opinions.

I've also noticed that USNA generally tends to be a more free-spirited forum, with not only questions and answers being posted but also fun stuff and just friendly discussions about life in the Navy, Navy news, etc.

Or maybe we DO just talk too much. :shake::redface:

True Zap, but the best thing about THIS place is that it's NOT like the "other" place....

We try, sometimes more successfully than other times. :redface:
The other place....

Ok, I'm taking the bait. What's so bad about the "other place?" Yes, I know we mean CC..................from my observation, just since last fall, they do seem more, shall we say, "sensitive" over there?
Long story going back oh...... almost 5 years now? Wow... :eek:

Anyway, lots of very strong opinions thrown around with only one side being held accountable for it. Also, an extremely annoying tendancy for some people to turn EVERY thread into an attack on the President, the war, the military, etc. Some folks (like me) wouldn't remain silent for it.

This site was founded as a result. We allow more freewheeling here, but have the specific forums set aside for it rather than having it all mixed in together. We also try very hard to keep the data being posted regarding the SA's accurate and clearly identified as fact or opinion. This allows folks who are looking for specific answers on specific topics to do so in a less-cluttered environment, but then to go to the News or Off-Topic forums and fave some fun, debate, vent, etc.

I personally have no hard feelings against the staff of the other place. They have a job to do and un-Godly amounts of traffic to monitor and control.

As to whether the information over there is "better" than here or not is one I can't answer because I simply don't go there anymore.

So there it is...
Each site has it's pros/cons. Many of the same people participate on both. Try it out and decide for yourself based on what you see is currently being discussed. There is quite a bit of turnover of regulars so what was true 5 years ago may not be true now.
Yep. Five years is a lifetime on the web.

Another thing I've noticed (relating to the OP) is that there seem to be a lot more BGO's online (here and elsewhere) than their equivalents from other academies.

Am I wrong? :confused:
McHale's Navy!!! Wow, definitely a blast from the past. I had forgotten that show existed. Back when TV was mostly B&W!
"They Were Expendable"
"Hellcats Of The Navy"
"Victory At Sea"
"Black Sheep"
"Sands Of Iwo Jima" etc. etc.:thumb:


They have COLOR TV?????
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Oh guys, please take "Annapolis" out of the list, that movie is just so very bad!!! (and misleading!)