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    I have applied to both USNA and USMA. I have been medically qualified for both as well as 3Q'd for USMA. It is my understanding that it is possible to gain an appointment to both SA's, but not likely. How likely would it be that one would receive an appointment to USNA, USMA, USAFA, USCGA, or USMMA all together or at least multiple appointments? Do the SA's communicate?
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    Each SA makes an independent decision on offering appointments. I'm not aware of any communications among them. Receiving appointments to more than one SA isn't all that uncommon, espcially if one is USCGA. NOT b/c it's less competitive (if anything, it may be the most competitive) but b/c you don't need a nomination to apply and it's the MOC nom process that is generally the limiting factor in the number of appointments you receive.

    One could theoretically earn appointments to every SA. In reality, it's unlikely. First, I doubt many people apply to all 5 SAs. Second getting MOC noms to all 4 SAs requiring them (USCGA doesn't require noms), is rare, even in less-competitive areas. For those with Pres noms who are super-qualified, it could happen. And for special cases, such as children of MOH recipients, it could definitely happen.

    In summary, clearly there are some folks who receive appointments to all SAs; however, it is definitely the rare exception.

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