Multiple nominations question


Dec 10, 2017
I have multiple nominations to my SA of choice. If I’m appointed, how will I know which slate I got in from?
You may never know and it is really not that important of a piece of information.
Even if you only had 1 nomination, you will never know who your slot was charged to. They work magic there.
In the case of USNA, your admissions record will eventually end up in Nimitz Library where you can check it out to find this out. I'm not sure how many years before this happens but when I went through BGO training, they told us about this and most of the grads in the class went over on the first break to accomplish this.
I finally saw mine!
The USNA Visitor's Center also has a computer screen in the display area where all graduates are listed, including their nomination source. I was there this past weekend and the data is updated through the 2016 grads.