Multiple Past Issues


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May 8, 2008
I have various random past medical issues that maybe you guys can clear up for me. I'm just nervous about DQ'ing before i can even start..or halfway through to AFROTC program after putting in all that work.

First of all i had asthma when i was little - like from age 5 to maybe age 9. I had bronchitis and when i went to the doctor for that he said that i had asthma too. After my bronchitis cleared i had no symptoms, except for when i had a cold i tended to cough mom filled the inhaler prescription occasionally and i used it rarely. I mean if i did have asthma...its was very mild...mostly aggravated from those elementary school colds.I know DODMERB says "any history of asthma", so this is going to DQ me?

Secondly, i am slightly allergic to random things...very mild. I have filled a prescription for zyrtec or clartin a few times over the years..i don't know if that can hurt me?

And lastly, when i was approximately 12 years old i was getting a lot of headaches. They were pretty bad so i went to a neurologist and he said i had migraines. I had an MRI/Catscan and they came back clear. He put me on a preventive medication, which made my very sick (that stuff was poison) and i got off it. I haven't had a migraine since i was 16. My migraines had no aura/light sensitivity/nausea/dizziness/sound sensitivity, they were just headaches. Once again, i have a history...will this DQ me? Can i waiver around it? I will be like 4 years from my last migraine to my DODMERB

Thanks alot....:smile:
A history of asthma/reactive airway disease after the 13th birthday will be a disqualification. DoDMERB will request all your medical records and if there is no diagnosis, or medication refill after the 13th birthday it will not be an issue.

Seasonal allergies, well controlled by medications, should not be an issue. You will need to fill out an allergy questionnaire and provide medical records.

The headaches may be an issue, but again, DoDMERB will request all the medical records and have you fill out a questionnaire. They will review the information and make the determination about a disqualification. Waivers can be granted for headaches as long as they are currently not an issue and you are not on medication for them.

Feel free to start gathering copies of all your medical records now. Do not submit them to DoDMERB until they request them. If you submit them with the physical examination they have a tendency of getting misplaced before even making it to DoDMERB.