Must See @ West Point


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Dec 26, 2016
Swim & Dive team is bringing DS to West Point this weekend to meet team, coaches, etc. They have asked him if there's anything he'd like to see while there. He attended SLE last summer. Any recommendations?

What does he enjoy? Not exactly much to see that he probably has not already such as Trophy Point. Ski slope will be open if it's cold.
We did a tour recently with a cadet and were lucky enough to see a Military Movement class in a large gym , there was quite an obstacle course. Gives you an idea of fitness level and expectations.
He'll probably go to the Mess Hall, its good to get an idea of the food.
He'll want to see where the corps squad athletes work out, the pool and dive training areas, etc.
Make sure he gets a chance to stay in the dorms. It can be a little spiritual/mental fatigue when sharing with two other. The new dorms will be open soon

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