My chances to get into Westpoint?

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    Hi everyone. I would like some insight on how my resume stacks up.
    my GPA is a 4.23/5 so about an 84%. I have taken AP bio AP Environmental Honors Spanish, and an Honors science research program. I have interned at the Columbia NYSPI for schizophrenia, and am currently interning at Nvidia in California. I have also gotten a 4 on the AP for AP Bio. I also go to a school where 99% of students go to college, and many go to ivy league schools. My gpa is lower because I did pretty badly during my 9th and 10th grade classes, but am doing much better in my 11th and 12th grade classes, which are arguably harder.
    My extra curricular: I am an eagle scout/order of the arrow member. I do varsity Track, like I said earlier, my Internship at Nvidia for virtual reality, and I have around 300 hours of volunteer service. I also am the 1st saxophone in my highschools wind ensemble. I got an 1810 on my sat and a 27 on my ACT. Realistically, I think I will be able to bring it up to a 28 or 29. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.
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    The three pillars WP looks for on a well rounded candidate are Academics, Athletics and Leadership. With that in mind, your WCS is what prioritizes your chances. Strive for a high GPA that will also help with a higher class rank. You want to be in the top 15% of your class. (AP and IB classes are not recognized by WP but do help with class ranking) Your ACT/SAT test scores should be as high as possible. WP super scores or in other words will accept your highest test results. I have noticed, after taking the standardized tests three or four times you'll max out your scores and you'll need help with learning the technique of taking these test. Eagle Scout is a big plus for your leadership potential. On the site is a guide to the courses you should be taking or have taken. Also Buff81 has made a great effort to post stickys above that are excellent help. Take a look at the class make up from the last classes and compare your academics and credentials to theirs and ask yourself how do I stack up? Have you taken math all for years of high school? Have you taken chem? Math and chem are notorious Plebe killers.

    Then there is the other segment getting a nomination. I don't know where you live or how competitive your area is. I would also investigate your NOM sources.

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    average at best

    - your academics is average at best
    - your leadership could your strength, but it only counts for about 30% and just varsity letter(s) in track alone doesn't help.
    - physical grade depends on how you do on your CFA, but only 10%

    I tell candidates I work with that applying to SAs is like running a race not knowing where the finish line is. A good strategy is to run at a high level as if you run average thinking it is a long distance race or your run fast thinking its a sprint and the race turns out to something different you are screwed. Dealing with your peers, I see too many giving up early so if you give up and keeping improving yourself, your chance increases accordingly.
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