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Dec 10, 2008
This is my situation:
I did good on my ACT: 31 (32 Best english, 27 Best Math)
OK Grades: 3.32 Unweighted
Good Sport Partcipation: 4 sport letters
But extremely small class: i'm 5/22
I live in Iowa and that throws in another level, because it is a low interest and low population state. As far as my nomination, I only got one because I got into the process late and it was a competitive nomination, not a principal or alternate.
I went to NASS, did good, had a great Phys Aptitude test (whatever its called). I also mentor and have a very good standing in the community. The thing that keeps me from being confident are the types who come on here with outstanding credentials and LOA's. My ROTC coordinator thinks I am a lock for it but my BGO doesn't seem as confident.
The last thing is the fact that even my counselor did not know what the NA is or how it works, and no one even knows how big of an honor this would be and are generally nonchalant towards my situation.
What do you think my chances are?
well, bigeast. I think it looks pretty good.

I currently have an appointment, so here are my stats. I'll let you base it off that.

ACT: 30 (29 Best English, 33 Best Math)
SAT: Eng: 720 Math: 710 Writing: 650 (if you haven't taken these yet, do so ASAP. I'm not sure when they stop accepting updates, but these scores really helped me out.)
Grades: 3.797 Unweighted
EC Partcipation: 2 athletic letters (1 academic)
I have a small class for my area (Northern Colorado): 46/328
I did NOT go to NASS (I was actually rejected from AFSS and West Point SLS)
I was above average on my fitness test, but it wasn't great.
and don't worry about all the kids who have had appointments since October and the kids just collecting nominations because they can. They comprise maybe 5% of the academy population. You just hear a lot about them because this type of site attracts those kinds of people. Also, about 80% of mids don't hear about an appointment until like March. I know the waiting is painful, but don't get discouraged. Just one question: what type of leadership roles have you been in? Captain of the team? president of anything? I started picking up these roles this summer and early into this semester, and it looked really good on my application.

Overall, I think your package looks pretty good. You'll have to work on the grades, and if you do well this semester they might take that into consideration. I'm glad to see you've been talking to ROTC. That's a great backup plan, and it is possible to go NROTC to Annapolis. Also, if you're close they might offer you NAPS which would be great for you since it looks like your only weak link is academics.

I'm not a professional, but based on what I see, and since you have a nomination, I think I'll be seeing you next summer.

Best of luck,
If you think you are on the borderline, make sure you write the best personal statement and do well on the interviews, because subjective information like this is really the only way to distinguish you from all other candidates.

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if you received an appointment.