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Jan 29, 2008
Hi! Im new so....I am currently on active duty in the Air Force. I am enlisted. I was planning on trying for the USAFA using my service connected nomination. Then, at one of our joint service formations(Im on an Army post and all 4 branches are stationed here) our commendant(an Army Col) announced that West Point was giving a briefing and all services were welcome to attend. Well, at first I went to see if I could get more information about the cadet life for the USAFA but the more I heard about USMA, the careers' that Army officers have( I want to be a helo pilot and thats alot harder to get in the AF) and the Army/USMA traditions the more I wanted to attend USMA. I found out that I could apply to any academy as long as my chain of command supported my seperation before R-day. Well I took the CFA and my physical, got a 1910 on the SAT's, and got my commanders endursement and support for seperation. About half way through my kit I got my LOA. Now, I don't mean to sound modest but I think they've made a mistake. Although my military career has been great I had a very poor HS career and they sent it before getting my Personal Data Record. They should have my packet in its entirty at the end of this week. I'm just not sure if their going to follow through and I've already cancelled my next orders(sposed to leave for TX in March). Has anyone ever lost their LOA?

P.S. Im sorry for being paranoid I'm just alittle stressed(I have to DLPT in two weeks)
Congratulations Poyner!

Go ahead and call USMA admissions - I a willing to bet it is indeed NOT a mistake. USMA loves enlisted and your SAT's sound like they are great!
Are you CR and Math over 600? sounds like it.

Your hs career means less and less now - your SAT's count a lot and your service counts a lot.
Get your packet in! Is there a deadline dates on your LOA?

Congratulations on receiving your LOA. It's not a mistake. JAM is correct in saying West Point loves cadets with prior service. They easily become leaders and are highly respected by their classmates.

Best of luck to you. Let us know when you receive your appointment.


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There was a recent article on about West Point targetting prior enlisted applicants.

Also....there are five branches of the US Armed Forces.
Congrats Poyner:wow:

Mom of twins...maybe that is the type of helicopter on another planet:rolleyes:
LITS - you are correct.
Federal law allows 85 nominations for regular enlisted. these slots are never filled.
West Point does value enlisted. They are a great addition to the corps and many are combat veterans.
A candidate like Poyner is just what the academies are looking for - he says he had a poor HS career and that may be so but look at his SAT's. He obviously learned something and has great potential as a student.

If you are enlisted and have the academic potential to get through West Point then you stand a great chance.
Congrats Poyner and welcome to the forum!!! I don't think USMA made a mistake. They have been picking candidates for a long time now and they would not have sent you an LOA if they didn't think you are the kind of person they are looking for. JAM is right...if you are still worried call admissions and talk to an officer there.
Thanks for the encouragement everyone, I really appreciate it. Hopefully they'll have my liason officers evaluation by the end of the week and ill get my appointment soon after. They might be taking their time though, my LOA says I have until the end of feb til it expires. I think you might be right about them looking past my high school stuff. Im a leader in my unit(I am accountable for about 400 airmen) and I have done really well with my academic training(I learned 2 extra languages and they were pushing me to go spec-ops before I got my appointment) so those might have been what did it. Well if any of you or your children have any questions about the Defence Language Institute(alot of officers go here) or the enlisted Air Force just ask. Thank you again and I'll be sure to let you know when I get my appointment.
Wow that is impressive - no wonder you got an LOA!

Not to be nosy - how many years have you been in the AF?
Have you thought about a major at West Point? They have a great language department there.

With soldiers applying early is not so crucial - they don't have to worry about you getting a congressional nomination. Many congratulations!! :thumb:
I've been in about a year and a half. I'm not sure about a language as a major, right now I'm looking at History or International Affairs(probly with focus on the middle east) but I do intend to study arabic there. I know Farsi, Dari, and Tajik which have a large arabic vocabulary(and with the exception of tajik the same alphabet). But, I'm not going to declare until my yuk year. Before joining I was a computer science major and I have a good backround in science and math so I want to keep my options open.
Wow, Poyner! Get that application completed. Your languages and your science background plus your prior service explains why you got your LOA. I think you should have gotten two or three. :shake: The Army is lucky to get are awesome!

Thank you for serving our country!

Go Army!

:tank1: :usa:
Thank you all. I'm still waiting to receive my offer and still going a little crazy but your encouragement has definatly helped. I'll let you all know as soon as I hear from them.