My Med Examiner Might Mail an Incomp. Form


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Jul 5, 2007
I just got back from my medical/audio exam. I came in with everything checked for medical history. I get there and the doctor wanted to redo the medical history sheet onto the original paper because I crossed something out on my internet printout. She proceeded to copy it all on the orignal sheet mailed to me. So I get home and I see that she had failed to mark the 3 questions about contacts, eye glasses, and so on. They are left blank (I was given a photo copy). I had these 3 questions marked as "no" on my sheet, but on the one she redid, they are blank. I tried to call them but they are closed. I plan on calling right when they open at 8am to see if they didn't mail it. What could happen from all this? Having to redo the whole exam? Getting a new appointment months later? Or simply just walking in the tomorrow and correcting those 3(if they didn't mail it yet)?
If the examiner still has the forms, then checking them there in the office will work. if the examiner does not have the form, then once DoDMERB gets your physical exam, they will mail a copy of the form for you to complete and mail back to them. Its really not that big of a deal, and it happens every day. I wouldn't loose any sleep over it, and I wouldn't stress if the examiner has already mailed it out.