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Aug 23, 2008
currently a junior in highschool and not feeling lucky.

3.5GPA (so far)
recently joined CAP (Civil Air Patrol)
3 year alpine ski racing-podiumed 4 times at nationals
3 years water polo (1 JV, 2varsity)
2 years Rugby (club sport)
Academic decathlon
Key club
1 year swim team
AP geo, AP world hist, AP Lang. (passed all tests)
havent taken ACT,SAT tests yet

wondering what my chances are for getting into USAFA, USNA, and USMA.
physically sound, no long term history of medical issues or hinderances. good health all around.
any words of advice & critique much appreciated

If your concerns are medical, you are already in contact with the best person on earth to assess your situation. Do as Mr. Mullen says and you will be well ahead of the curve on any medical issues.

If you are looking for opinions on your overall profile, post this over on one or more of the general academy forums (i.e. and you will get plenty of advise.

I think most would say that your profile looks good. Work on that GPA. It's certainly not bad but you've got time to bring it up and every little bit helps. Take the ACT/SAT early and plan on taking it multiple times. Apply (early) for one or more of the academy summer programs for juniors (i.e. USMA's SLS program).
Concur with aprouddad 1000%:thumb:
You might want to repost the original message on the SA specific boards if you're looking for general thoughts on your chances vs. your potential medical issues.

The two things that jump out to me are (1) not having SATs/ACT scores and (2) apparent lack of leadership positions. Given that you're a junior, there is obviously time to work on both.

To be competitive for USNA (the only SA I can speak about definitively), you should have at least 600/650 and preferably closer to a 1300 total. In some geographic areas, you may need higher scores to be competitive for a nomination.

In terms of leadership, things that count include: team captain, club officer, Eagle Scout, as well as leadership activities outside of school (church, etc.). The key is not just that you hold some position but that you can discuss with your BGO or in your essay what you actually do in that position to lead. This, BTW, is not as important with positions where the type of work involved is pretty obvious, such as class president or team captain. But, if you're a club president, what do you do? Have you initiated or run any activities? How have you expanded your activity in terms of numbers or scope?

In that regard, I STRONLY urge you to focus on activities that you enjoy and that are meaningful to you rather than simply build your resume. It's better for you in the long run. Also, being very involved in one or two activities may be better than just being a member of 10 different clubs.

I'm sure others will have additional thoughts -- do consider reposting on the other boards.