Name Change


Mar 14, 2016
Good morning all,

I am currently a scholarshipped cadet in the Army ROTC. I believe I may have made a mistake regarding my name on my contract. On my SSN and Passport, my name is listed as Billy Bob Smith Jones II (an example name of course). Until recently, I always believed that my first name was just Billy, not Billy Bob as I thought “Bob” was my second name. The “Bob” part is from my father as that is his second name. My middle name is “Smith” and my last name is “Jones.” The “II” part is a suffix and is not essential.

On my contract, cac card, etc. my name is listed as Billy Smith Jones, not Billy Bob Smith Jones II. Is this a vital error that I have made? I listed my name as Billy (First), S (Middle Initial), Jones (Last).

I apologize for the confusion

Thank you
What does it say on your Social Security Card? Whatever that reads is what the government thinks your name is.
If you apply for a "RealID" (new "secure" driver's license accepted for ID in all 50 states) or passport, then your name on your birth certificate, SSN card, and driver's license all have to be an exact match.