NAPS: Does it count as enlisted time served after USNA for recoupment?

Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by AquaRain, Oct 12, 2015.

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    I am a former Midshipman who was separate after 2/C year due to an honor offense. Although I was not recommended to serve enlisted to recoup my time at USNA. I would still like to after I complete my degree in the coming months. Since being separated I have gone through many changes morally, mentally, and physically. I feel more ready to serve my country than I did at any point at USNA. In addition to attending USNA,I also attended NAPS and I was wondering if that 10 month period counted at all for anything? Whether it be avoiding boot camp or getting a certain rate or whatever or even if it doesn't count. My discharge code was RE-3K and so far no recruiters have been helpful in finding the waiver I need for it or in starting the enlisting process.What should I do?
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    Do you mean no recruiter is willing request a waiver for you? If you haven't tried other service recruiters, that's an option. Each service recurits differently.

    From what I understand, there are less and less waviers being granted for RE3, for the Army, based on a combination of limiting waivers and less demand for recruits. Might try talking to a recuriter during Christmas time when things are slow for them, so they might be willing to do work on putting a waiver request. When recruiters have enough recurits that don't need a waiver, they won't bother working with a recruit that needs a waiver.

    Good luck.
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    From the US Navy:

    "Reenlistment code RE-3K: Disenrolled from Naval Academy, not considered qualified for enlisted status."

    With that being a US Navy policy, I can see why it would be a challenge to get the Navy to do the paperwork for a waiver. In my opinion, you're going to have to bring them a plateful of reasons that they should do that amount of work when they are not having difficulty filling their quotas.

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