NAPS I-day ???


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Dec 17, 2008
Does anyone know when NAPSters are to report for I-day. My 13 year old wants to know when he can start "remodeling" the room he shares with his brother:smile:
Also when is Parents Weekend for NAPS c/o 2010.
Try looking at the NAPS website for the info on I-Day. Not sure it's been determined, but that's where it would be. USUALLY PPW is held on the weekend around Aug 16. Try checking with your local USNA parents' club. They are typically a good source for such info.
NAPS I-Day is usually around the end of July or the beginning of August. This is officially approved by USNA and not generally announced until early-mid June. Once it is announced, it will be posted on the NAPS Parents Website.

As far as Parent Weekend for NAPS, it is usually around the middle of October. This too will be announced once the full calendar is approved and formally announced.

You can PM me for information about the NAPS Parents website and any other questions you may have about NAPS.

Also...congratulations on the NAPS offer. Get ready for an amazing journey and enjoy your son while he is still home.

Tell little brother that his big brother may still claim his side of the room :wink: so remodeling may not be a smart move. I know my daughter still is very particular about her room at home.