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Sep 21, 2008
My MOC was unable to give me a nomination this year to the USNA, due to the amount of LOA's in my district. However, the person who takes care of the noms. called me the other day and told me that she was going to call USNA and recommmend me for NAPS.

It was to my understanding that the Admissions Board is the only source that can give out offers to NAPS. Can someone explain this to me????
Look, if you have somebody who is going to advocate on your behalf, be thrilled about it. If my son does not get appointment, he will take NAPS. There are some advantages of NAPS. Plebe summer won't be quite as shocking for a NAPS midn.
Recommend does not mean give an offer to NAPS just means they are saying hi this guy would be great for NAPS
Yes, Recommended does not mean accepted

Just saying it's not a bad thing to get NAPS. Sorry re: no nomination. It's so competitive depending on where you live.
Yeah man. I'm at NAPS right now and some are here because they didn't receive a nomination. If you want it, you'll get it. You'll do nearly whatever it takes to get to USNA. I am at NAPS due to my love SAT/ACT scores. Private message me for ANY questions you have. Did you find anything further out, yet?
Agree that recommendations are good. However, please understand that NAPS/Foundation are typically reserved for students who are otherwise strong candidates but need additional academic preparation. While unfortunate, there are cases where a student is too well qualified (academically or overall) to be sent to NAPS/Foundation but not "qualified enough" (in the opinion of the MOCs) to receive a nom.

And, yes, the decision on NAPS/Foundation is made by the Admissions Board. It is done automatically as part of the process.