May 3, 2017
My gpa is not too good and I am not a good test taker. So academically I am slight below average. I am it good physical shape and I am involved in school and club sports team. I am also active in the community. I feel like my application is weak. I think I would be successful at NAPS but I heard it's mainly for recruited athletes. Is this true? What are the chances of a common candidate getting accepted to NAPS?
None of us can say for certain what your chances of NAPS are. NAPS is for midshipman candidates who generally excel in two of three areas (academics, physical, leadership) and who show promise of being successful mids and grads, but who need a year to develop. There are also some scholarships offered through the Naval Academy Foundation for a small number of one-year scholarships to private schools. That's much like NAPS, but the options are civilian prep schools. Finally, some high school graduates do a year of college and re-apply to USNA after one or two years of college coursework.

If your goal is to be an officer in the US Navy, you have other options such as NROTC, either as a scholarship or non-scholarship student, and OCS after your graduate from college. Be sure to check out ALL your options. Do some searching on this forum - it's a treasure trove of information and ideas. And good luck!